A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

My personal space matches my disposition- classy with a dash of edge. The character of my pint-sized one-bedroom apartment is full of individuality. I keep it white and black, never chase fleeting trends, and throw around my endless amount of empty wine bottles and corks that all contain various memories. Of course, in tangent with my wardrobe, I had to incorporate a splash of color in my neutral-toned apartment. Naturally, I chose lavender as it is the most appeasing color for my mind to come home to after a long day. I also love vegetation so I’ve incorporated housing for all of my plants and succulents (which are all named because they are a part of our family).

I think that the décor in your home should bring out your history, your emotions, and the things that drive you. That’s why I want to talk about these lovely images that SlayMyPrint sent me this week. I chose to display their Buffalo poster in coordination with the Prada Marfa poster. As many of you are probably wondering “why?”. I have a fairly loaded answer below.

What’s with the steer head?

Most don’t know this about me, but I lived out in the middle of the Moab desert in Utah for a short period of my life. Some of my most treasured memories occurred out there in the middle of nowhere, 200 miles from even a grocery store. I’ll never forget pulling into that little deserted town and spotting a ton of steer heads adorning the outside of a run-down home just on the outskirts. I. Was. Petrified. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a country girl at heart and have ridden horses Western style since the ripe age of five. Additionally, I’m a proud expert at shoveling manure and chasing chickens. But this was different and it certainly was not my nice safe barn back home in Indiana.

 However, within a few months of living in the wild West, I adopted it as my home. I still consider Utah my true home. Ironically, a sense of peace comes over me when I see that steer head now (I know some of you are disgusted by that, but we all have our quirks). In fact, I would pack up all my stuff today and move back if it was possible to continue my marketing career out West. Unfortunately, that is just not feasible so that’s why I chose to put a big steer head picture at the front entrance of my frilly little purple apartment.

The Prada Marfa

The Prada Marfa is an extremely unique store located a few miles from Valentine, Texas. It’s actually a sculpture created by the artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset intended to resemble an actual Prada store equipped with shoes and handbags that were provided by Miuccia Prada herself. When I discovered the existence of this sculpture, I completely geeked out.

 Another interesting fact is that is that the measurement “1837 MI” in the picture represents the distance that the Prada Marfa is located from the Prada store in New York (ironically, NYC is my second favorite place in the world). I just love everything about the concept- a mysterious sculpture building out in the middle of the desert in Texas symbolically 1837 miles from its parent store in New York. My fiancé thinks this is the stupidest thing ever but I love it and that’s how it ended up next to my steer head.

It's your turn!

What inspires you or gives you those nostalgic vibes? Make sure that’s what you are surrounding yourself with in space. Head on over to SlayMyPrint.com and be moved by their quotes and pretty imagery. They have an endless stock of posters in a variety of sizes, there’s something for everyone. Once you pick your pictures, be sure to go out and buy a frame (I got mine at my local Michael’s store) and then hang them up in your space.

Tag myself and SlayMyPrint in your posts of your brand new pictures for a chance to be featured. Oh, and be sure to use my discount code “Ariel25” at checkout! 

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