Blue is the New Neutral

If there is one part of my life that I like to keep simple, it’s definitely my closet. For those of you who know me well and have maybe even seen my closet, you know that I stick to my basic neutral colors and only incorporate a few “pop” colors such as pink and burgundy. Ironically, I’ve always considered blue one of my staple shades and have labelled it as a member of the neutral family.

No, I’m not crazy. I understand that the color blue is not usually considered an earth tone. However, I found ways to fit it into my wardrobe and make it coordinate with almost anything else in my closet. Here’s why I love the color blue as a primary shade and the reason that you should too.

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It goes with everything. And it really does. Don’t believe me? Go through your wardrobe and toss around some blues. Incorporate pops of pink or yellow and watch magic happen. I learned this technique way back in the day at my first retail job. The store that I managed only incorporated white, black, and taupe with a pop of color per season (I wonder where I got my inspiration from). I remember one year we rolled out our Transitional Spring line which incorporated both navy and yellow. I was appalled- TWO pops of color in ONE season? This was unheard of. Our designers explained how navy was going to be a neutral this year because it goes with everything- I guess that’s just stuck with me over the years!

Navy and black are a thing. Welcome to 2017 where blue and navy can live happily ever after in perfect coordination. Well, usually. There is a fine line between “over-doing” black and navy and perfecting your look. Usually, I choose whether to focus on one or the other. So if I’m rocking a killer LBD, I might toss on a navy scarf or accessorize with deep shades of blue. Classy with a touch of edge.


Mix and match with ease. You’d never wear hot pink and baby pink together. It’s unlikely that you would mix burgundy and bright red. But a cobalt blue dress with a baby blue shoes and clutch? Now we’re talkin’. Shown above, I’ve paired my dark blue jeggings from White House Black Market with a baby blue pinstripe blouse I picked up at TJMaxx last week. A simple combination, but blending blues together is never a struggle. When in doubt, mix your blues and it will appear that you tried way harder than you actually did.


It’s a part of nature. Go outdoors and look around. We celebrate the sky being blue or take note of a lake or ocean when it appears blue. We admire the beautiful Gisele Bundchen for her lovely tan Brazilian skin and stunning blue eyes. Call me over-enthused, but blue is in our DNA. Do yourself a favor and make it a part of your wardrobe.

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  • Ariel. I love your web site! Great work! Julie

    Julie Wright
  • I loved reading your blog and your style ? I too love fashion! And you wear your clothes beautifully. Good luck in your endeavors!

    Judith Clatfelter

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